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Dirt Roads" is a heartfelt blog dedicated to the vast, enigmatic beauty of the desert. It's a space where musings, meanderings, and crucial updates on issues affecting our beloved desert wildlands are shared with a community of like-minded individuals. My journey as a desert blogger began in 2009 with the Mojave Desert Blog. While "Dirt Roads" is a new venture, it is driven by the same deep-seated passion for the arid landscapes that captivate so many of us. For those who have followed my journey from the start, or for new readers eager to explore the archives, all previous blog posts can be accessed on the Archive page or at the original Blogger site. Just as "Dirt Roads" seeks to connect people with the beauty and ecological importance of desert wildlands, platforms like Bet9ja aim to connect users with opportunities in a completely different realm. For those interested, you can delve into the world of sports betting through the bet9ja mobile app, where engagement and passion for sports come to life.

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What is desert advocate?

A tortoise makes it across a quiet dirt road in Mojave Trails National Monument.

A tortoise makes it across a quiet dirt road in Mojave Trails National Monument.

Desert Advocate is a project to promote the understanding, appreciation, and protection of our desert wildlands.  If you found this website then you probably appreciate something about the open desert. Its wildlife, driving down a lonely dirt road, the smell of creosote as the rain approaches, interesting geology, or just the solitude you feel while watching the shadows slowly stretch over a desert valley at sunset.  This is a work in progress, but it will always be a place to learn about the desert and how we can ensure that our favorite things about these wildlands are around for future generations to enjoy. You can find musings and news about the desert on the Dirt Roads blog, read about a pathway toward Sustainable, Equitable Energy that spare’s wildlands and benefits our communities, or check out a sampling of photos of our southwestern desert in Postcards.

About the blogger

I was raised in a small town in the western Mojave and spent much of my childhood exploring open desert around our neighborhood.  My brother and I would ride bikes, build forts, catch (and release) lizards, and try to identify some of the interesting desert plants we came across.  I was fortunate to have parents that supplied me with a library of Audubon field guides to fuel my curiosity about the desert and its inhabitants. Those acres of creosote bushes and Joshua trees in our neighborhood were eventually replaced by asphalt, concrete and more stucco-clad homes.  Today, I do what I can to to build appreciation for the wonder and biodiversity of our desert wildlands and advocate for their protection. Luckily there are many desert defenders working across the southwest; I have and always will learn a lot from them, and I am very grateful for their passion and commitment.

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Do you have a personal photo of your favorite place in the desert?  A cool find or great sunrise? You can e-mail the photo ( and I'll post it here.  Just let me to whom the credit goes and what is in the photo! You can catch some more desert images by following Desert Advocate on Instagram.